GitHub & DeployGate Tokyo Meetup

Fri, 30 May 2014 19:00 - 21:00

Collabo room at mixi, Inc.

1-2-20-7F Higashi, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

nomnel Jay Winder Shinpei Yamada Seijiro Ozawa Hideyuki Takei Ryotaro Ohkawa/大川遼太朗 baban かわぐちさん Makoto Kinoshita Kazumasa  Fujita Sakurai Hiroyuki 石田健太 Yutaka Horikawa Hattori Tomoyuki fasl だいだい + 100 more participants

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Start - 19:00

Come hang out with GitHubbers and DeployGaters in Tokyo on May 30!

GitHubbers (devinreams, dsorkin, dreww, dice, cobyism, jordanmccullough, nathansobo) and DeployGaters (tnj, kaz3439, arthurbryant, kanekoa, kinukawa, henteko) will be there.

It'll be a great time so come on by, meet your fellow developers, designers, and other friendly GitHub and DeployGate users in the area.

The place will be provided by DeployGate (mixi, Inc.)


Quick intro of DeployGate:

DeployGate simplifies the complicated beta download process for your testers to get more feedback and accelerate mobile app development iterations.

Start today at


The facts:

Hope to see you there!

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